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LEED Consultant: 


CPG provides LEED consulting for "Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) Green Building Rating System".



We provide LEED consulting aand certification services for buildings and projects under numerous LEED rating systems which include:


  • LEED Existing Building + Operations

  • LEED BD+C (New Construction)

  • LEED ND (Neighborhood Development)

  • LEED ID+C (for new and existing retail and commercial spaces)

  • LEED for Homes


Our LEED Consulting Services fit your project needs:


CPG brings a customizable approach to your LEED project.  Upon an initial consultation we adapt our proposal to fit your project needs.  We will advise you on your work to date and outline the required LEED documentation. 

1) Technical Support
Whether you are the LEED project manager or team member, use us as a resource as you apply LEED. We review your technical support for LEED credit requirements, documentation guidance and advice on credit application to your project and on hourly basis. Before you submit a question to LEED Online, contact us for professional support.

2) LEED Documentation
With our indepth understanding of LEED documentation requirements, we offer documentation services on almost all credits for owners, architects, engineers, and contractors. We can provide assistance, examples or even produce the documentation for project teams.

3) LEED Documentation Review
Prior to submitting your documentation for review by the USGBC, CPG can provide an internal audit through an in-depth examination of your team’s documentation.

4) Integration/Review of LEED requirements in Contract Documents & Specifications

5) LEED Contractor Support
Following LEED in the specifications can be overwhelming which is why CPG provides guidance for contractors. We’ll review the specifications and create a LEED action plan for your company to integrate requirements into your current construction practices. We will help you inform the subcontractor of their responsibilities and create a system to collect the pertinent documentation while minimizing unnecessary steps. CPG can help construction companies build their internal capacity to strengthen their qualifications for future projects.


For Existing Building Owners & Operators:


Improve your property portfolio with high performance practices:

LEED is a rating system designed to promote environmental responsibility through better resource management for new construction, building operations and maintenance.   


LEED was created to help encourage and promote awareness of green building practices and activities, and it is the nationally accepted benchmark for creating, constructing and operating high performance green buildings.  LEED provides building owners and operators the tools they need to make immediate and measurable impacts on their buildings’ performance.


Whole Building Approach:  The LEED program promotes a whole-building approach to sustainability by recognizing performance in five key areas:

  • Sustainable Site Development

  • Water Savings

  • Materials Selection

  • Indoor Environmental Quality (IEQ)


Why is LEED so important?:


Buildings in the United States consume one-third of our total energy, two-thirds of our electricity, one-eighth of our water, and transform land that contains valuable ecological resources.  In order to protect our nation’s resource supply, we need to come together as a group and make some serious changes. The LEED program was designed to reduce consumption of our nation's resource, reduce harmful emissions, and improve building performance to reduce energy use and cost.  

If you are considering the LEED program to increase your resource management, CPG could be a valuable resource for you. Our primary focus centers on improving the resource usage within existing structures, or LEED-EB (for existing buildings).

We can walk you through each of its three levels:

  1. Screening - LEED GAP Analysis

  2. Feasibility Assets

  3. The Certification Process


Why Certify:


LEED certification has become a hot topic for individuals and business owners interested in greening up their business practices. Everyone is talking about the LEED program and many are interested in becoming certified. It’s important to understand what an LEED certification really means, equally beneficial to understanding it as well. There are enormous financial, environmental, and public relation advantages for properties that are LEED-certified.  CPG can help you become LEED-certified so you can enjoy:

  • Lower operating costs

  • Increased asset value

  • Energy and water conservation

  • Reduces greenhouse gas emissions

  • Healthier and safer buildings for occupants

  • Recognized commitment to environmental stewardship

  • Tax rebates and other incentives


CPG can help you streamline the LEED certification process:


Many underestimate the commitment it requires to undergo the LEED certification process. LEED-EB certification is a very involved, complex process that has many intricate details, processes and requirements. Depending on the type or number of properties you are planning to certify, it could take anywhere between 6-12 months time to complete and just ONE mistake could cost you your entire certification.  In addition, the LEED Rating System continually evolves with improved practices and required standards.  Throughout the certification process we will continually monitor and track new practices and mandates to ensure your certification process runs smoothly.  


Before undertaking the certification process, one option is to perform a LEED GAP Analysis to determine insight on the "gap" between existing conditions and the steps / improvements that need to be put into place to acheive LEED certification. See below for more info on LEED GAP Analysis.


We can help you focus on the right areas of improvement:


CPG can help you eliminate wasted effort and help you to focus on improving the areas that will make a beneficial impact to all areas of your property portfolio both environmentally and economically.


You need an experienced guide:


We can help you determine which of your properties are best-suited or eligible for LEED-EB certifications. Did you know that ENERGY STAR Certification is one of the requirements needed before you can even begin the process? Let us help you strategize your entire certification from beginning to end.


LEED GAP Analysis: 


CPG can provide valuable insight into the time commitment, level of effort, possible performance gaps and costs associated with LEED® EB certification.  Equipped with this knowledge, clients can make an informed decision regarding the pursuit of certification.  Ideal candidates include office buildings with an ENERGY STAR score of 69 or higher, an occupancy rate of 50% or higher and a completed LEED® EB pre-screening questionnaire.


BENEFITS - Why Perform a LEED GAP Analysis?

Identifies prerequisites and credits that appear to be achieved and those required for a recommended level:

  • Determines the feasibility of LEED® EB certification

  • Saves short-term costs through proven analytical process

  • Improves sustainability through LEED® EB certification, when attained



Cities we serve:


We provide LEED services in Northern and Southern California.  Key regions we provide LEED Consulting / LEED Consultant services include: San Diego County, Los Angeles County, and the San Francisco Bay Area.

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