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Cities we serve include: San Francisco, San Jose, Oakland, Palo Alto, Hayward, Redwood City, Sunnyvale, Mountain View

San Francisco Bay Area based Green Point Rater.  Our green building company services include:

  • Initial client/consultant meeting to review the GreenPoint Rated (GPR) checklist
  • Coordinating with the planning/building department
  • Completing and submitting the GPR checklist and application to Build It Green (BIG)
  • Completing and submitting a pre-construction and pre-demolition debris recovery plan
  • Plan check - to ensure proposed plan(s) meeting the GPR checklist requirements
  • Rough inspection and final inspection to jobsite
  • Review of all documentation and final submission of all materials to Build It Green

Bay Area Cities Requiring Green Point Rater Verification for New SF/MF Projects:

(not a complete list)




Southern California Cities:





Pasadena Municipal Code Chapter 14.90 Green Building Practices Ordinance. 

Buildings required to comply with Chapter 14.90 include:

  • non-residential buildings with 25,000 square feet or more of new construction
  • tenant improvements of 25,000 square feet or more
  • mixed use and multi-family residential buildings four stories in height or more
  • commercial type buildings of over 50,000 square feet or more must meet the intent of LEED Silver at a minimum
  • all projects subject to the ordinance must achieve LEED credit 3.1 Water Efficiency (exceed the baseline water projection by 20%)


Los Angeles

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West Hollywood


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For latest CALGreen revisions that went into effect on July 1, 2015 click here.


CPG is a qualified partcipating Rater for PG&E's Energy Upgrade CA Multifamily Program in Southern California.  As qualified Rater we can perform Energy Efficiency Performance Audits, required for building owners to benefit from the Multifamily Energy Upgrade California Program.  Click here to learn more.  


GreenPoint Rating:  What's in it for you?  

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Here's a good article on CalGreen and its relation to GreenPoint Rated & Title 24:

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Building Benchmark:  Per AB 1103, its the law.  Initial compliance will begin on January 1, 2014 (California) for non-residential buildings going through a financial transaction which includes: a sale, lease and refinance.  Click here for more info.


Frequently Asked Questions about CA's Non-Residential Building Energy Use Disclosure Law (AB 1103), click here:  


CTCAC Sustainable Building Method Requirements for affordable housing projects


"Affordable Housing with Unaffordable Energy Bills, Innovative Financial Solutions to Drive Greater Efficiency," excellent article discussing affordable housing and efficiency




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